Recount Update

Dear friends,

Thank you for your support and for your kind words over last few days and weeks.  I am truly grateful for your concern for me and my family and for the integrity of this election.

It’s been a roller coaster ride since Election Day, and I appreciate your patience as we further understand the results of my race in Senate District 25.

As most of you know, I am working with the Maine Democratic Party to further analyze the results of the recount done this week. There are serious concerns over the results, which include 10 missing ballots, 9 disputed ballots and a number of new ballots that were not counted on Election Day.

This information is alarming and that is why the Party’s legal team decided not to sign off on the results of the recount. Unofficial reports show that my opponent is now up 11 votes, but there are still too many disputed and missing ballots that could change the outcome of this race.

I’m currently working with the Party and the Secretary of State’s office on next steps to ensure a thorough and accurate process. Our first priority is to ensure that every single vote is accounted for – and counted – so that all voices are heard.

I agree with my opponent, who said when she requested a recount just after the election, that we owe it to the voters in the district to make sure the results are accurate. We especially owe it to the people who worked so hard to support our campaigns.

I know this process is frustrating – but I hope you will bear with me as we continue working on this matter. I will be in touch as soon as I have official word on the next steps.

Thank you again for your generous support,

Cathy Breen


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Cathy Breen voted last week at Falmouth Town Hall.  We encourage you to vote early at your local town hall.

Click here for hours in your town.

CB & DW (5)

“Cathy Breen is bright, hard-working, and positive.  She also gets that Maine’s economic future depends fundamentally on education, vibrant communities where people want to build their lives and careers, and the protection of Maine’s outstanding environmental assets.” - State Sen. Dick Woodbury, I-Yarmouth


“I am endorsing Cathy Breen in her campaign for the State Senate.  As former town councilors, we both are keenly aware how actions in Augusta impact local finances and tax obligations…Cathy is a strong advocate for the restoration of cuts to state revenue sharing in order to avoid increased property taxes. With dedication and vision she will vigorously protect the interests of our local residents.” -Rep. Stephen Moriarty, D-Cumberland

Breen Nelson (17)

“I enthusiastically endorse Cathy,” said Rep. Mary Nelson, D-Falmouth. “As a Town Councilor, she helped ensure that Falmouth has high-quality public schools and built partnerships between government, the private sector, and community organizations. I know she will listen, carefully evaluate, and work tirelessly to expand economic opportunity and make state government work for her constituents.

CB and AG (9)

 “She will work for health care for all and particularly for families who struggle to make ends meet. Cathy will hit the ground running and will work for all the people in her district as she did when she was a Town Councilor.” -Rep. Anne Graham Gray, D-North Yarmouth

“I’m endorsing Cathy Breen because of her leadership in support of mass transit which saves energy and cuts transportation costs for riders,” said Rep. Ann Peoples, D-Westbrook, who serves on the Legislature’s Transportation Committee. “She advocated for the Metro bus in Falmouth for six years and participated in regional long-term transportation planning along the coast, from Falmouth to Freeport. We need her expertise in the Senate.”

From Letter to the Editor, American Journal, May 15, 2014

“In 2007, when Cathy chaired Falmouth’s Council, Falmouth passed its Open Space referendum, which was the result of years of hard work where Cathy listened to competing needs and priorities of environmentalists, landowners, developers, and taxpayers.  The passage of the referendum laid the foundation for Falmouth’s and Westbrook’s more recent establishment of the Suckfish Brook Conservation Area…Cathy understands that towns in the Greater Portland region need to work together (not compete against each other) to grow our economy and promote economic growth.” - Mayor Colleen Hilton, Westbrook

 The Maine People’s Alliance endorses Cathy Breen

Mail Attachment

Cathy Breen is a Democrat running for Maine State Senate in District 25- Cumberland, Falmouth, Gray, Yarmouth, Chebeague Island, Long Island, and parts of Westbrook.